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Re: Jinfengopteryx elegans the troodontid


smaller and closely packed anterior teeth,

Extremely crowded! Looks like *Byronosaurus*.

short pedal digit II (Jaime noticed this), and possibly the absence of ossified
uncinate processes and sterna (if their absence in Sinornithoides is real).

Also compatible with *Archaeopteryx*.

I'll save my final judgement until I get the data matrix of Ji et al. (since
they include Sinovenator, and Jinfengopteryx does not clade with it), but it
seems we have the most complete troodontid known, and the only one with
preserved feathers.

And perhaps the oldest one, too! -- Are there any wing feathers visible? The photo at dinosaur.net.cn is too coarse to tell.

The matrix seems to be a modified version of Norell and
Clarke's (2001), with some added non-birds. Perhaps it suffers from the
same problems that place oviraptorosaurs in Ornithurae in Lu et al. (2002),
i.e. analyzing non-birds in a bird matrix.

Lü is a coauthor... :->