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RE: "Asteroid did not extinct Dinosaurs - Indian Cosmo Theorist"

Mary Kirkaldy wrote:

Asteroid did not extinct Dinosaurs- Indian Cosmo Theorist
" In fact, to blame or attribute the cause of distinction of the entire age of Dinosaurs and other species by an asteroid simply looks to have dodged the analysts somewhere while exploring the asteroid verses age of Dinosaurs and it, therefore, needs reinvestigation. Dr. Raj Baldev said.

This guy is full of ideas...

"Parallel Universes exist in other Circuits, Indian Cosmo Theorist"


"Our Universe is located in first three Circuits having far lesser space than others. Other Circuits have outsized or oversized space beyond our imagination being located in far away Circuits, even though the Universes in these Circuits have smaller sizes. What come may, the scientists or astronomers cannot escape from the law of gravitation. I don't think any excuse can work?"