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Re: Bruhathkayosauru"Asteroid did not extinct Dinosaurs - Indian Cosmo Theorist"

Mike Taylor wrote:

For what it's worth, Sankar Chatterjee (personal communication, 2001)
asserts pretty unambigously not only that it is a an animal but
specifically a titanosaurid.  Even admitting that it has not been
meaningfully published, nevertheless I think there's enough material
to make a strong case for it as the biggest known sauropod.  Yadagiri
and Ayyasama 1989 measured the tibia as 2m long, which is pretty
darned absurd.

If _Bruhathkayosaurus_ is indeed of animal rather than vegetable origin, it would have been a truly colossal sauropod. The fibula of _Argentinosaurus huinculensis_ (which was originally identified as a tibia) measures around 155cm long. Based on this, Mazzetta et al. (2004) estimate a body mass of 69 tonnes for _Argentinosaurus_. _Bruhathkayosaurus_ could have weighed in at 150 tonnes. It was probably even larger than the enormous Maghreb sauropod (femur 236cm long) mentioned by Charroud and Fedan (1992). Assuming, of course, that the thing was really a sauropod, rather than something a sauropod might have eaten.

Even more unbelievably, _Bruhathkayosaurus_ was originally regarded as a THEROPOD!

David Marjanovic wrote:

This 'Doctor' (apparently of Literature) has decided that his ideas can
explain the universe and all other things


Ah, so Swami Raj Baldev knows the ANSWER to the Universe! But does he know the right QUESTION to ask!?