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New Antarctic bird

I haven't seen this one on the list yet:

Guy, J., & D. Peters. 2005. Tekelili hyperalbum gen. et sp. nov., an
interesting new bird from the Antarctic Tsalal Formation. New England
Journal of Science 86: 1-34.

    "Tekelili hyperalbum gen. et sp. nov. is described from a well-preserved
skeleton recovered from the Tsalal Formation of Antarctica. It was a large,
possibly pelican-like bird of uncertain affinities. Phylogenetic analysis
indicates a position near Sphenisciformes and Pelecaniformes, and it may
belong to the stem group of the former. Also included is a list of the fauna
recorded to date from the Tsalal Formation."

    Amongst the fauna recorded are two mammalian carnivores, one bear-like
and the other more similar to a procyonid, a pig-like herbivore, a number of
land-birds (Tinamiformes?), and a large tortoise. A large canid earlier
noted in connection with the Tsalal fauna is not mentioned - it appears to
have disappeared without a trace from the authors' memories. The fauna
appears to indicate a quite warm climate, while the formation was probably
marine. Also common was a distinctly triangular trace fossil, maker unknown,
which has been widely recorded from Antarctica. Unfortunately, the exact age
of the formation is difficult to determine.


        Christopher Taylor