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New Jurassic mammal in today's Science (not a joke this time)

Luo, Z.-X., & J. R. Wible. 2005. A Late Jurassic digging mammal and early
mammalian diversification. Science 308: 103-107.

"A fossil mammal from the Late Jurassic Morrison Formation, Colorado, has
highly specialized teeth similar to those of xenarthran and tubulidentate
placental mammals and different from the generalized insectivorous or
omnivorous dentitions of other Jurassic mammals. It has many forelimb
features specialized for digging, and its lumbar vertebrae show xenarthrous
articulations. Parsimony analysis suggests that this fossil represents a
separate basal mammalian lineage with some dental and vertebral convergences
to those of modern xenarthran placentals, and reveals a previously unknown
ecomorph of early mammals."

    Take a look at the skeletal reconstruction - it's a cute little fella

    Kia Ora,

        Christopher Taylor