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Re: Fruitafossor - new Mesozoic mammal

  Luo Z.-X. and J. R. Wible. 2005. A Late Jurassic digging mammal and early
    mammalian diversification. _Science_ 308:103-107.

  A glace through the data matrix shows an ommission of palaeoanodonts.
*Metacheiromys,* *Eurotamandua,* and others are substantially more complete
than *Fruitafossor,* but not included? What about *Manis*? I am not convinced
the xenarthran features are not so easily dismissed. However, this appears to
be the animal that Bakker has shown the humerus of around indicating a Morrison
echidna (?). The humerus of other fossorial xenarthrans are as similar, as is
that of the golden mole (not analyzed). Perhaps we should add some taxa to this
already large analysis (403 characters!).


Jaime A. Headden

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