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Re: Sinornis and Cathayornis

Daniel Bensen (dbensen@bowdoin.edu) wrote:

<So Cathayornis has been sunk into Sinornis.  Is the ex-holotype for
Cathayornis considered a different species from Sinornis (I suppose it would be
Sinornis yandica).  Or is it now just a different specimen of Sinornis

  The holotype of a species does not cease to be a holotype when the nominative
species is synonymized. Sereno proposes that the two species, *C. yandica* and
*S. santensis,* are the same species, so the holotype of *C. yandica* is (while
remaining a holotype) is a referred specimen of *S. santensis.* I think *C.
caudatus* was considered a juvenile of *C. yandica,* else otherwise it's a
nomen dubium (as is *C. yandica*) and not considered a equivalent species.


Jaime A. Headden

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