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Re: bipedal crocodylomorphs

> chamaleons and drepanosaurids: bipedal at times on branches, at least
> hypothetically in the latter case.

>They don't move much in this stance, though.

Its misleading to use these as examples of  bipedality because, at most, all
they can take is a tripodal stance. Chameleons have a prehensile tail and
drepanosaurids have that tail claw, so presumably it was also anchored to a
branch at all times. Also its not as though they take any steps while in
this posture (at least chameleons don't and its presumably the same for
drepanosaurids as well), its stand up grab a branch with your hands and then
let go with your feet. All the while the tail remains tightly coiled around
a branch, only when the feet have a firm grip on the next branch is the tail