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Coelophysid Distribution & Evolution

I was just about to get started on a recreation of some Late Triassic fauna. I've decided to focus on a coelophysid & a prosauropod, since once seemed to guarantee the existence of the other in most all regions they were found. As I understand, the worldwide climate & landscape was that of widespread desert & sand dunes w/ little seasonality & arid conditions. Given that, my task now is to find out which coelophysids existed in different places at that time, how they differed from each other and what other creatures they shared their environment with.
I know Coelophysid remains have been found in North America, Europe & North Africa. What I barely ever hear mention of are the coelophysid & prosauropod remains from here in Nova Scotia. I know a species of Plateosaurus has been discovered here, but the most I can find on the coelophysid was one little blurb where it was stated that a close relative of Coelophysis is know from Nova Scotia. Do any of you have info on this Nova Scotion coelophysid?

Also, how many coelophysids are known worldwide from the Late Triassic [and Early Jurassic]?Also, it seems coelophysids went extinct after the Early Jurassic, except for Lilensternus & Dilophosaurus, which seem to be direct derivations of North American species.