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Re: insects - not! (OT)

On Mon, 2 May 2005, Dann Pigdon wrote:

> Cockroaches are amazing insects. They invented wing assisted running
> long before any archosaur attempted it. When they have to go really fast
> (and for their size they're the fastest runner known in the insect
> world), they actually run bipedally with their body shape acting as an
> aerofoil to keep the front part of their body up.

cockroaches are GREAT, at least the hissers.  i am bit squeamish of the 
others.  the hissers have a bit of a social structure; i've seen infants 
(so to speak but gads they are cute) swarm on their mother when they are 
first inflating and are startled.

anyway, sorry, i know, i just got the email re the rules and this is 
totally OT, don't get me started on my bugs!!!


The box said "Requires Windows 95, NT, Or Better", so I installed linux.