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-i? -orum? ACK!

After browsing through the DML archives countless times, it seems that there has been no resolution to that long-standing issue:

When does the species epithet end with -i, and when does it end with -orum?

Has there been any consensus? I know that -i is used when referring to individuals, and -orum when referring to more than one person, but the sheer number of dinosaur names with both variations is driving me nuts.

_Bambiraptor feinbergi_? Or _Bambiraptor feinbergorum_
_Utahraptor ostrommaysi_? Or _Utahraptor ostrommaysorum_ (I think the plural should be correct for this one, although I still keep seeing the singular spelling pop up)
_Avaceratops lammersi_? Or _Avaceratops lammersorum_ (Should I shut up about this one as well, given that George Olshevsky and Peter Dodson haven't quite resolved this yet?)
_Sauropelta edwardsi_? Or _Sauropelta edwardsorum_?
_Gargoyleosaurus parkpini_? Or _Gargoyleosaurus parkpinorum_?
_Tenontosaurus tilletti_? Or _Tenontosaurus tillettorum_?

Or is it still the same ol' 'whatever you prefer, really, but by right it ought to be -orum' consensus?


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