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Re: Acrocanthosaurus

On Mon, 02 May 2005 12:51:30 -0700 (PDT) Andrew Simpson
<deathspresso@yahoo.com> writes:

> My question is not about the specifics of acrocantho-,
> though I  would certainly accept any and all info from
> this forum, but about where such info can best be
> located. What are the best websites for dino info? Are
> there any really informative books detailing all the
> specifics of time and place? This would help me not
> just with Acrocanthosaurus but with all my future
> digging..... so to speak.

http://www.dinosauria.com  is a good starting point.  Regarding
Acrocanthosaurus and its ecosystem, there isn't much out there, in *one*
place, on that subject.  You will have to pretty much dig through the
multitude of literature yourself on individual flora and fauna.  Research
on entire paleoecosystems is a relatively new branch of paleontology. 
Ask your question again in  20 years and you will probably have better