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Re: -i? -orum? ACK! & South Dakota fossil yields new dinosaur species

David Marjanovic wrote:

_Avaceratops lammersi_? Or _Avaceratops lammersorum_

-orum. I read Dodson doesn't like this -- but the ICZN just says "too bad".

Are you 100% sure about this one? It was my understanding the opposite was the case.

Ivan Kwan wrote:

The photo on the Yahoo! website looks a little like Mike Triebold's pachy skull squashed flat.

Nah, it looks nothing like Mike Triebold, even if his skull was squashed flat. (Which would really hurt. Poor Mike.)

Ken Carpenter wrote:

Wonder if they are going to get a real paleontologist to describe this,

Cross your fingers. If we are lucky, it may be described in the next volume of the prestigious "Dinosaur Museum Journal".