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...and now I are one

Just to further define the stringent qualifications for being called a  
" 'This is an amazing opportunity for us to continue our work with  
world-class dinosaur fossils and our international board of advisors,' said  
Museum paleontologist Victor Porter. 'During the week of the American  
Association of Museums conference, visitors and Museum guests will be able to  
this fossil. Then, it will be taken down for several months of pain-staking  
preparation and research before it goes on permanent display.' "

"Victor Porter,  amateur paleontologist / adventurer / jeweler"
"Victor has been working with  BHI for 19 years. He was on vacation all those 
years ago when he volunteered at  a dig, and he continues to work with the 
company during each year's vacation (so  does his wife, Dee Ann, and their 
children). In these last two decades, this  jeweler-by-trade has had lots of 
experience caving, and volunteering at The  Children's Museum in Indianapolis 
and the Indiana State  Museum."