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Re: South Dakota fossil yields new dinosaur species

This was a timely find. I was asked to create a dragon-like creature for a movie today. Guess what I used as reference! Many people at the studio thought the CT skull was a monster design from just another fantasy film.

David Krentz
On May 2, 2005, at 6:23 PM, Darryl Jones wrote:

At 05:35 PM 5/2/2005, ken.carpenter@dmns.org wrote:
Wonder if they are going to get a real paleontologist to describe this,


Why go through all that trouble? They seem to be doing just fine naming new species right there on the site. "Gorgosaurus linsteri" (or should it be "linstorum" ;-) )? Then there is the new species of Leptoceratops. Bambiraptor is there. This museum has quite the range of new species. Lucky them.

In all seriousness, what sticks out on this new pachycephalosaur that really makes it a pachycephlosaur? It is a very cool skull. The CT scans are VERY cool. Being an amateur, I will leave guessing and figuring to those who know more.

Darryl Jones <dinoguy@sympatico.ca>

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