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Possums and anhingas

Well, the comorant problem is at least moderately

The textbook explanation for why cormorants and anhingas* get wet is that this gives them additional weight which in turn helps them to stay down. In short, it's an adaptation to diving. Apparently this advantage is just as big as the disadvantage from having to dry...

* Universally considered sistergroups within the otherwise ever-dry... hm... Pelecaniformes... Steganopodes... you get the idea. :-)

Now tell me why possums don't get: stronger, prettier,
faster, smarter, or anything else.

They already have. They can already cling to a tree branch (or to Mommy) with sufficient force. They can climb fast enough. Never change a running system!!! Smart? Is there any serious test of opossum intelligence, or just the general assumption "bah, they're marsupials"? And how is anyone supposed to measure prettiness? :o)

Already taken: "Female possums just like the bottom of
the barrel", and "They've fallen so far behind they
can't catch up".

"Say never higher or lower"
-- Charles Darwin