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Omnivorous troodontids (RE: Falcarius utahensis (was RE: Newfound Dinosaur a Transitional Creature))

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> > Therizinosauroidea] had already undertaken the initial steps in this
> > But I wonder if this transition might have begun even earlier,
> > based on the dentition of troodontids and the posterior shift of the pubic
> > shaft that appears to be primitive for the Maniraptora.
> Hi everyone!
> Any chance for Troodontidae (or some of them) perhaps being omnivors too?

Hmmm... I wonder... :-)

Holtz, T.R., Jr., D.L. Brinkman & C.L. Chandler. 2000. Denticle morphometrics 
and a possibly omnivorous feeding habit for the
theropod dinosaur Troodon. Gaia 15: 159-166.

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