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Re: Falcarius utahensis (was RE: Newfound Dinosaur a Transitional Creature)

Not to mention that the sister group to _Maniraptora_, _Ornithomimosauria_, seems to have been omnivorous or even herbivorous. Perhaps omnivory could be the basal state for
_Maniraptoriformes_, with dromaeosaurids (as well as tyrannosauroids, if they are maniraptoriforms) exhibiting a reversal to carnivory?

I espoused a similar idea last year...


At the least, maniraptoriforms appear to exhibit far more diversity in diet than any other theropod clade, and perhaps more than any other dinosaur clade.

Especially if birds are considered. :-)

So does _F. utahensis_ strengthen the case for _Oviraptorosauria_ and
_Therizinosauria_ as sister groups?

Yes, an Oviraptorosauria-Therizinosauria clade is recovered. Now all we need is for this clade to be *officially* named and defined.