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Re: Introduction

Hi Ian! I don't think you'll have very long to wait before another discovery
is announced, if current rates keep up (and they show no sign of slowing
down :-) ). Feel free to ask all the questions, and make all the comments,
you want - that is, after all, exactly what the DML is here for.


        Christopher Taylor

On 5/5/05 10:13 am, "Sarah Garrison" <msgarrison@sbcglobal.net> wrote:

> My name is Ian; I am eight years old.  My mom said I have to write an
> introduction before I send e-mails to people.  I am very excited about the new
> discovery, and I hope there is another one soon.
> I am sorry about the other message I sent before my introduction, which I
> should have done first.  I wonder if it is okay to ask questions sometimes?
> Thank you!  Ian.