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Hi All

Just a couple comments of the animal of the night.

First the possum. There is one characteristic that no one has mentioned
that has a large fantor in their survival. When a car approaches a
possum in the road the animal will freeze right in the middle of the
road.  Outside of feeding the vultures there is not much benefit for
the wildlife. This is a no win tactic of the possum and one wonders
when was this behavior picked up and to what advantage.

In the bear area. Actually there are two responses. If the bear is a
grizzly then hit the turf and play dead. But for the Black Bear one can
usually turn them around by making more noise than they make. (Personnly
seen and done on several occasions)  The one execption to this rule is
if she has her babies with her. (actually seen) Oh and for sure for
sure don't put your candy in your tent; I had to break camp and more to
another island and midnight for being a real dumba**.

paul sparks