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Re: Falcarius utahensis

Mickey Mortimer wrote:

                  `--+--+--+--Microraptor gui
                     |  |  `--+--Microraptor zhaoianus
                     |  |     `--Cryptovolans

This is no surprise if these three turn out to be one and the same species.

                              |  `--Parvicursor

_Parvicursor_ leapfrogs quite a few nodes to get here - out of the Alvarezsauridae and right next to _Patagopteryx_. Very interesting.

The mess between carnosaurs and tyrannoraptorans is cleaning up, with only
basal tyrannosaurs, two coelurids and Therizinosaurus left there.

What's pulling _Therizinosaurus_ out of the Maniraptora, away from the other segnosaurs?