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"Secrets of the Crocodile Caves" - on NOVA

May be of interest to some folks on this list:

Next on NOVA: "Secrets of the Crocodile Caves"


Broadcast: May 10, 2005
(NOVA airs Tuesdays on PBS at 8 p.m. Check your local listings as
dates and times may vary.)

In a remote corner of Madagascar, an extraordinary lost world is
shut off from the outside by razor-sharp limestone cliffs,
impenetrable spiny vegetation, and underground caves filled with a
species of man-eating crocodiles. Deep inside the forest thrive
colonies of crowned lemurs, exquisite little primate cousins with
large eyes, nimble hands, and soft velvet fur. Their cute appearance
disguises their character as tough team players, relying on the
leadership of a strong female to survive the many dangers
confronting them. And as this program reveals, no peril is greater
than the jaws of the giant crocodiles, the world's only
cave-living crocs.

Here's what you'll find online:

Slide Show and Article

    Explore Ankarana
    Investigate this otherworldly landscape with a slide show and a
    series of 360-degree panoramas.

    Legends of Madagascar
    Many beliefs of the Malagasy may be as surprising to Westerners
    as the landscape itself.


    Who's Who of Crocodilians
    Use this clickable map to find out about the 23 species of
    crocodilians around the world.

    Anatomy of a Croc
    Examine a Nile crocodile and see what makes this amazing
    reptile tick.

Also, Links and Books, a video preview of the program, the program
transcript, and a teacher's guide.