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RE: The Triebold caenagnathid is at the Carnegie Museum

David Marjanovic wrote:


Very promising!

The map shows it on the _eastern_ coast of the Western Interior Seaway. Is that correct???

It's close to the bottom of the cul-de-sac that they represent as that gulf so in terms of if caenagnathids (why did they get this name: "recent jaw"?) could get there, there's not much doubt they could. Looking at a pertinent map in http://nationalgeographic.com/ I think it's quite correct.

As I am collecting references and I find those maps presented at the site incredibly "sexy", for lack of better term, I would be very grateful to anyone who would either furnish the link to the site where I can find 1280*1024 or more resolution files or if they sent them to my email address.

Thanks in advance,
Renato Santos

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