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Re: YPM 1980 Femur, Proximal and Distal Views

> Date: Mon, 09 May 2005 16:10:35 -0600
> From: Ken.Carpenter@dmns.org
>> Plate 71 of Ostrom and McIntosh 1966, _Marsh's Dinosaurs_ (on page
>> 207) shows illustrations of the left femur of the "Brontosaurus"
>> (ie. _Apatosaurus_) _excelsus_ holotype, YPM 1980.  The plate
>> includes anterior and medial views of the femur, but not proximal
>> or distal views.  If anyone out there has happened to examine this
>> bone and photograph it in these aspects, I would _very_ much
>> appreciate scans of the photos.  If you can help, please reply
>> off-list.  Thank you.
> It's mounted on the skeleton, hence can't see those

I see, thanks Ken.

Then my downgraded request is this: if anyone has photos -- or figures
from published papers -- showing any _Apatosaurus_ femur in proximal
and distal aspects, please give me a shout!

Once more, many thanks to you all.

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