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Re: Wollemi, Attenborough, and Branagh

I find it particularly funny that the botanists compare the find of Wollemia nobilis to paleontologists finding a small dinosaur in the wild :-D Guess what? They were right under our noses the whole time ;-)

Now a question comes into my mind. Is this much ado about nothing? I see the fossil record for these creatures (yes, the pines) being touted as either ending 2 Ma ago or 90 Ma (I guess this last one must be a misprint). Is there in fact a fossil record for Wollemia nobilis or are we talking of Araucariaceae in general? I agree it's a wonderfull find, a living one at that, but I'd like to have a bit of perspective thrown in to this "frenzy" (if asking for that isn't too off topic).

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