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Amazing Tendaguru and the most prolific localities in the world

Good day!
I've a question regarding Tendaguru fossil beds. At first, where can one find a 
photos of the locality on the net? I mean both, the original 
1909-1913/1924-1930 and a present ones showing a current status of the 
locality. I also wonder if someone plans to go there and continue where John 
Parkinson stoped back in 1930. I've read a note in one of my books of a giant 
_Giraffatitan_ individual, that was of a 1/3 larger than the specimen mounted 
in Humboldt Natural history Museum. That would mean a sauropod some 33 meters 
long and 18 m tall. Also, the hazy matter with *Ceratosaurus ingens* should be 
definitely resolved. 
I also wonder, which localities on the whole world would professional 
paleontologists consider the most prolific and valuable for the "dinosaur 
paleontology". My humble opinion would be:
1.) Liaoning (SE China)

2.) Morrison fm. (USA)

3.) Dinosaur National Park (Canada)

4.) Tendaguru (Tanzania)

5.) Gobi desert (Mongolia)

6.) 1+ (Argentina)

7.) Hell Creek fm. (USA)

Any comments welcomed.
Currently 557 valid dinosaur genera. 7 so far this year (26th place in the 
"Most prolific year" table), leading states are USA 138, China 115, Mongolia 
59, Argentina 56, Canada 44, GBR 40, France 22, Portugal 18 ... as to the 10th 
May 2005 (updated statistics with complex Genera per era table coming soon)

Thx, Vlad "They made it to Paleocene" Socha

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