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...and now I are one - of 82


" 'Good morning everyone,' Lisaius said. 'I am a paleontologist.' "

"Lisaius, an expert on dinosaurs, said that when he is not giving educational performances, he is digging for dinosaur fossils with his wife..." <SNIP>


"Finally there was giganticasasaurus, a species only recently discovered. Giganticasasaurus was discovered in Argentina, where dinosaur digging has started to become more widespread."

"Lisaius holds two bachelor degrees; one is in theater and the other is in telecommunications. He has no science degree and says that there are only 82 paleontologists in the world, all of whom are connected to a university. There are thousands of enthusiastic self-learners, like himself, who love to go dig up dinosaur fossils."

Especially the elusive giganticasasaurus. You know who you are, I assume, if you are one of the finite 82.