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Re: Amazing Tendaguru and the most prolific localities in the world

At 2:13 PM -0500 5/11/05, Tim Williams wrote:
>Sauropod remains are known from the Yixian Formation - but AFAIK they have not 
>yet been described:
>Wang, X.-L. et al. (1988).  Stratigraphic sequence and vertebrate-bearing beds 
>of the lower part of the Yixian Formation in Sihetun and neighbouring area, 
>western Liaoning, China.  Vertebrata PalAsiatica 36: 81-101.
>I haven't seen this publication, so I don't know if it the sauropod comes with 
>fossilized integument.  I very much doubt it.  :-(  I believe some sauropod 
>material was found near Liaoxi, but that's all I know.

I've been told the peasant farmers who dig most of the fossils "threw it [the 
as yet undescribed sauropod] over their shoulders" because they didn't think 
anyone would be interested (which probably means would pay them for it). -- 
Jeff Hecht