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Re: Antonio's grant

It just occurred to me that someone will have to translate the PDF. Arrrgh

It seems there are no vocal dissenters to establishing a grant fund for this research. Let's then start building a fund. First of all, does anyone have a non-profit bank account/org that would have a tax free status? If so, you are elected the lucky collection center for the first (and perhaps only) DML research fund. Sans a nonprofit cover, I would be willing take checks and keep records in a regular account that I would have to set up. (I would not want to mix with my personal or business account. If there is a problem with this, post the issue please. I think we could start an account next monday if everyone is good with the idea. Barring any changes to this line of thinking, I will publish my address and the account name for the checks next Monday evening.

I am at a slight disadvantage because the nearest Western Union office is 70 miles away in Gillette but I do get down there every couple of weeks to get groceries and I am sure the time frame is not critical. Of course we haven't heard back from Antonio yet. He probably has to translate all this chatter.

Heck, since there seems to be some genuine interest in this process, I might even give in and put a sawbuck in the pile just to get it going. Any time I can help get a paper out for review at the cost of a Wendy's lunch........ and I didn't even have to remove overburden!

Frank Bliss
MS Biostratigraphy
Weston, Wyoming

On May 13, 2005, at 8:04 AM, Tommy Bradley wrote:

I have been doing paleontology on my own all my life on my own tab. That being said, your >request amounts to maybe one dollar from each person on the DML list. I'll send you two US >dollars if you send me (and the rest of the list) your address and what the postage would be to >Italy. If everyone else cooperates, the DML will accomplish more than discourse but we all want a >pdf of your paper available to us. Frank Bliss MS Biostratigraphy Weston, Wyoming

I'll match Frank's offer. And I wouldn't mind the PDF either :-D Tommy Bradley

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