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Re: Antonio's grant

frank@blissnet.com wrote: 
<<Of course we haven't heard back from Antonio yet. He probably has to 
translate all this chatter.>>

I thanks all of you for your moral support. It is not a problem of
translation. I was not at home and without an internet connection, working
in a museum during the (Italian) morning and in the field in the afternoon.
I am just back home and I am reading the messages. I will send a longer
answer later. Now I can tell you that if it is complicated to send money to
USA to Italy, it is dramatic to receive it here. If you send two US dollars
by check or bank account transfer I will pay more to change them into
euros. Actually I do not know what a paypal is, and some of you consider it
something to avoid. Of course, I would be pleased and honoured to be
supported by a popular grant. It would be very democratic.
Now, excuse me, is 8.30 pm and I go to prepare my dinner. I will answer
personally to some of you about specific questions. 
More later.

Thanks again