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RE: Ljubljana Institute of Palaeontology


<<It happens that my day-job takes me to Ljubljana from the 7th to the
11th of June.  It may be that I have some free time during my visit,
and if so then I would of course like to spend that time visiting the
cast of the _Mamenchisaurus hochuanensis_ type specimen that I believe
belongs to the Ljubljana Institute of Palaeontology -- or, to give it
its proper name, Paleontoloski Institut.
Does anyone know of a curator at the Institut that I can email, who
speaks English? >>

Here's all you need:

Museum Kontaktna oseba:
vi?ja kustodinja: Katarina KRIVIC, univ.dipl.in?.geol., paleontologinja
Prirodoslovni muzej Slovenije
Kustodiat za geologijo
Pre?ernova 20, p.p. 290, 1001 Ljubljana
Telefon: (01) 241 09 57
Fax: (01) 241 09 53
E-mail: kkrivic@pms-lj.si

I think that "Kustodiat" means "curator".
I met Katarina many years ago. As I know few words of Slovenian, I suppose
we talked in English, thus she can speak English, at least enough to talk
with an Italian.

Incidentally, I live in NE Italy about 120 km from Lubljana. In the NH
Museum of Lubljana you will probably see also some dinosaur remains from
the Cretaceous of Slovenia.