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Re: Funny, Funny Stuff

*Looks at calendar* - It's not the 1st of april, so this cant be some weirdo
type of joke!
Scary, really scary!
I cant believe it, this must be a very bad dream. What are the people behind
such moves up to? Trying to turn the U.S.A. into some sort of
christian-mullah-state just like Iran only with creationists instead of
islamists at the controls? Makes me really feel good about that big lake
between myself and the U.S.A.!
Those people must be stopped, they are dangerous. Clearly they aim at
indoctrinating people at childrens age. Thats exactly what all the
fanatics/extremists/fundamentalists are doing all around the world today and
have done in times past. What are WE gonna do about it? Well, at least one
thing I can do is include a small speech into every concert my band will
give from today on to inform the audience about what is going on. Not much,
but better then nothing.
Greetings - DC out

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