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Re: Antonio's grant

At 01:28 PM 5/14/2005, Fabio M. Dalla Vecchia wrote:
I consider a big responsability the economical support offered by some
members of the DML (Allan, David, Don, Frank, Louise, Jim, Mike, Patti, Rik, Tommy), and I thank them for the offering. What can I offer in exchange? I do not know if I will be able to mention all of them in the
Acknowledgements section of the final paper, because of the strong space limitations of many journals. I could write "supported by a grant from the DML", but this cannot be done without the approval of all the members and of the leaders of the list. Of course, I can send a PDF of the paper, if this is allowed by the journal where it will be published, and in any case I will send reprints. I can keep informed the donors about the development of the project and the way the money is spent.

These are not the only ones who will give money gladly. I am sure that there are many others like me who are waiting for this to be settled. Once a decision has been made as to how this will work, I am positive that many of the DML'ers out there will be willing to cough up money. It will be worth $5 each to help the research process. I don't care if I get any credit at all. I like the DML grant idea. There are many professionals on this list that have taken the time to work with us dinosaur fan/armchair amateur/idiots over the years that deserve more than just our gratitude. I know that in the eight plus years that I have been on the list, I have received the equivalent of a tutorial for a university level course that never seems to end.

To receive small amounts of USA currency here in Italy is not easy and the risk is to pay more of transfer and change expenses than that I receive. I think that the suggestion by Frank Bliss and Phil Bigelow to collect all the donations in USA to ship it to Italy in a single tranche is the best way. As far as I know the safer way to transfer money is bank to bank, i.e. from a USA bank to my bank in Italy. I also suggested a money transfer to my bank account (using international bank coordinates) instead of the usual check in the unsuccessful research grant application form to the JF. The bank takes for the transfer a fix tax around 15-20 USD (I do not remember the exact amount and my bank consultant is now in Rome) and the 0.3% of the sum.

My brother uses Paypal and thinks it's great. He says you just need to be careful and make sure you keep your wits about you.

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