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Re: Antonio's grant

> These are not the only ones who will give money gladly.  I am sure that
> there are many others like me who are waiting for this to be settled.
> a decision has been made as to how this will work, I am positive that many
> of the DML'ers out there will be willing to cough up money.  It will be
> worth $5 each to help the research process.  I don't care if I get any
> credit at all.  I like the DML grant idea.  There are many professionals
> this list that have taken the time to work with us dinosaur fan/armchair
> amateur/idiots over the years that deserve more than just our gratitude.
> know that in the eight plus years that I have been on the list, I have
> received the equivalent of a tutorial for a university level course that
> never seems to end.

Well, Im not here since 8 years, not even 8 months. Nevertheless, I couldnt
agree more!
So, count my 5 Euros in!
Greetings - DC out