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Re: Antonio's grant

Toward the end of putting together a cash grant to Dr. Dalla Vecchia from the members of the DML, I established an account this morning with the purpose of receiving donations to facilitate the study of Antonio. I will be taking checks or money orders for this purpose made out to me Frank Bliss, at 1107 Parks Rd. Weston, Wyoming 82731. Please note that they are for the Antonio study fund. I put 100 bucks of my own into the account to start the ball rolling. The account is the cheapest I could open with very minimal upkeep that I will take care of. I understand that it will cost about 50 bucks to do a bank to bank transfer of the funds once the fund has reached the 1000 buck mark. Please send your checks now. I will post an accounting of the account once the grant amount is received. If you do not want your name to appear on the accounting list as a donor, let me know. This account will only be used for handling donations from the DML list members to support paleontological research. If all the members of the DML give a few dollars we are going to easily fund the study of this basal Hadrosaurian from the upper Santonian of Italy. If everyone gives much more, I will position the excess to do other similar funding activities. Members from other countries will have to handle this in some other way since I do not have the ability to handle foreign fund without a bank to bank transfer which would be cost prohibitive for any amounts under several hundred dollars US. If this becomes big, I will form a non-profit org with other members of the DML as board members to facilitate the grants. It would be my 5th corporation.
Frank Bliss
MS Biostratigraphy
Weston, Wyoming