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SPAM:Re: Antonio's grant, a required explanation

Dear Fabio and listmembers,
I (and other Italian palaeontologists) feel concerned about Fabio's message. For most Italian palaeontologists it is strongly needed to focus the responsabilities of this unpleasant story, and thus it is urgent and necessary to know if Fabio asked for the grant also to the Italian Institutions who have in care the Antonio affair:
Please Fabio, tell us if you asked for the money also to
The Trieste University
The Trieste Museum
The organizers of the field work
The Scientific Commitee of the SPI (Italian Paleontological Society).
If Fabio asked them for the grant and they refused, then his public lamentation is more than justifed, and the people who lead these institutions could/should be pressed to pull out that money. Grants are not to much in Italy but 800 USD (about 600 euros?) could be find I think.
In the meantime, I want to make it clear that I greatly appreciated your intentions and also want to express my sincere appreciation for the generosity and kind attitude of DML members.

                                                       Silvio Renesto

At 20.32 16/05/2005 -0600, you wrote:
For those of you that tuned in late, we are trying to raise funds on the list to facilitate research on a basal Hadrosaur from Italy.


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