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RE: SPAM:Re: Antonio's grant, a required explanation

Dear Listmembers, dear Silvio,

<<I (and other Italian palaeontologists) feel concerned about 
Fabio's message.>>

Although I am sure that Silvio's intent was to help me, a long experience
has taught me that Italian palaeontologists cannot feel (I am speaking
generally, I have nothing against some single paleontologists like Silvio)
and all they say is mere rethoric. I am also sure that people abroad cannot
understand the intricate ties of the Italian society.

I do not want to create a case against the authorities who permitted me to
study the specimen. Equilibria are very dynamic here.
All I can say is that during the meetings with all of the people involved
in the affair it resulted  e v i d e n t  that there was no money to
support the study of the specimen. 
The SPI (Italian Paleontological Society) has no money even to print its
Bulletin (I was Councilor up to the last year and I know the situation).
Silvio should not be surprised. I published more than 60 scientific
pubblications and most of them were not supported by any public Italian
institution. We (Silvio and me) have in press a paper on Megalancosaurus
and, as Silvio knows very well, I had not even a dime from the Italian
scientific world to do the study, and I paied by my own the train tickets
to go to Milano to discuss with him about Maegalancosaurus with the
specimen at hand.

Now I stop, because I am tired and I am making a lot of grammar mistakes. I
worked all the day on a new Carnian sauropterygian with some plesiosaurian
affinity, surely a new genus. I am not retributed to study it, only to
prepare it (and I can prepare it only when some workers of the municipality
open - at their will - the door of the repository where the specimen is
stored, as I am not allowed to stay alone with the beast), but I cannot
avoid to study it, because it is my pleasure doing it. I will also pay by
my own the printing of the pages in excess of 15, if the manuscript will be

These are real things.

Best wishes