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Re: Martin 2004 critique

At 03:18 AM 5/15/2005 -0700, you wrote:
Here's something I wrote on Spring Break while stuck away from my refs, and
decided to post...

[big snip]

Archaeopteryx has
interdental plates, which doesn't make sense in Martin's scheme. Maybe we
should argue that instead it is not a bird? ;) Bambiraptor and
Sinornithosaurus also have obvious unfused interdental plates. But these are
birds in Martin's view.

Actually, Martin seem to believe that Bambiraptor is a genuine dinosaur, since in figure 3 he cites Barbourofelis and Thylacosmilus as examples of convergent evolution, and then attempts to claim an analogous situation in the relationship between Archaeopteryx and Bambiraptor.

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