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another gteta Paypal expereince

If it was decided that Paypal was the best thing to use to send money to our European friend...here's another reason not to:

PayPal just pulled $998 from my account for two crystal orders I shipped to a Steven Lawson in New Orleans, LA. It looks like a long, uphill battle to recover my money, if I ever do. Since the orders were over $250 they say I needed "Signature Confirmation" of delivery and will not honor the USPS delivery confirmation. This is the only problem I've had in over three years with PayPal transactions. Beware, it can happen to anyone accepting payments from PayPal for your rocks!

With appreciation & gratitude,
Stuart Schmitt
Sweet Surrender Crystal Mine
60 Mary's Eagle Trail
Mount Ida, AR 71957
(870) 867-2443