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Re: another gteta Paypal expereince

I am collecting money to establish a grant to help Italian Paleontologist Fabio Marco Dalla Veccia who needs financial help studying a basal Hadrosaurian from the upper Santonian of Italy nicknamed "Antonio" . Fabio is a highly regarded paleontologist.

The best way to do this (so far) is to send the checks to me. I am taking US checks of any amount made out to me, Frank Bliss sent to my address at 1107 Parks Rd. Weston Wyoming. Notation on the bottom "grant for Antonio". I have established a bank account in my name in which I will collect funds. I will eventually, (when we reach about 1000 bucks) send Fabio a bank transfer ($50 buck expense) and post an accounting on the DML with the donor and amount (to keep me honest ;-) ) and I will make the bank statement available to anyone who wants a copy.

I think that overseas DML'ers might want to consider the paypal option. Fabio's paypal account is: fabdalla@tin.it I don't like the paypal option though because there is no DML control over the amounts sent and no accounting except by the recipient. It is my hope that there will be excess funds and we can establish future grants under the DML umbrella.

Frank Bliss
MS Biostratigraphy
Weston, Wyoming

PS, I just found a huge potential new Hell Creek microsite at 8 am this morning. On a hunch, (being systematic), I looked at an isolated hill (with very little outcrop showing) way over on the edge of my ranch. I immediately found and followed the trail of bone fragments right to the top, I spent only an hour surface collecting an area a few hundred feet by a hundred feet and brought back a over a dozen misc teeth of all kinds, a baby ceratopsian jaw fragment!!!, a medium sized ceratopsian vert (partial), croc stuff galore, turtle stuff all over hundreds of gar scales (in one place over a hundred in a square foot!!!). It looks to be the future standard by which all other microsites are judged as it crowns the very top of the hill and will be very easy to excavate. It is huge. Yeeeehaaaa. This site is at least a hundred and fifty feet statigraphically above my regular microsite gullies and has to be just under the K/T boundary. There are unquestionable dinosaur teeth/bones within this deposit though and unless they are reworked, it is K in age. It's field season!

On May 20, 2005, at 7:52 AM, Michael Schmidt wrote:

If it was decided that Paypal was the best thing to use to send money to our European friend...here's another reason not to:

PayPal just pulled $998 from my account for two crystal orders I shipped to a Steven Lawson in New Orleans, LA. It looks like a long, uphill battle to recover my money, if I ever do. Since the orders were over $250 they say I needed "Signature Confirmation" of delivery and will not honor the USPS delivery confirmation. This is the only problem I've had in over three years with PayPal transactions. Beware, it can happen to anyone accepting payments from PayPal for your rocks!

With appreciation & gratitude,
Stuart Schmitt
Sweet Surrender Crystal Mine
60 Mary's Eagle Trail
Mount Ida, AR 71957
(870) 867-2443