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Titanosaurs from Malawi

This is at the Palaeontologia Electronica website, so I don't know if it qualifies as a valid publication. Therefore, I do not know if Karongasaurus gittelmani is a valid genus and species yet (I suspect not).


Sauropod Dinosaurs From The Early Cretaceous Of Malawi, Africa

Elizabeth Gomani


At least two titanosaurian sauropod taxa have been discovered in the Early Cretaceous Dinosaur Beds of northern Malawi, Africa. One of these, _Malawisaurus dixeyi_, is represented by cranial elements, 18 cervical vertebrae, 10 dorsal vertebrae, a sacrum, 51 caudal vertebrae, 24 chevrons, pectoral elements, pelvic elements, and dermal armor, all of which are described and illustrated. The cranial elements indicate that _Malawisaurus_ had a short, high macronarian skull. _Karongasaurus gittelmani_ gen. et sp. nov. is more derived than _Malawisaurus_ but is represented only by a dentary and isolated teeth. Some indeterminate vertebrae may also belong to _Karongasaurus_ or another taxon, but not to _Malawisaurus_. The shape of the teeth and jaw, and the restriction of teeth toward the anterior part of the jaw in _Karongasaurus_ are different from _Malawisaurus_ and suggest that _Karongasaurus_ had a long, low skull. Thus, the sauropods from the Malawi Dinosaur Beds demonstrate extreme morphological variation in titanosaurian jaws, teeth, and probably skull shape. Variation in tooth and skull morphology, because of its relevance to feeding, was likely of significance in resource partitioning among titanosaurian sauropods in the Early Cretaceous ecosystem.