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Re: Sauropod necks????

On Sat, 21 May 2005, don ohmes wrote:
> I like the idea of hydrilla or some aquatic weed with
> similar interwined growth habit as a primary food
> source. In my experience, if you tie a garden rake
> head to a rope and throw it into hydrilla infested
> waters, you might need a small truck to pull it back
> to shore. 
> Hydrilla seems to grow best in water 1-2 m deep, and
> will utilize every cc of water column. So no need to
> move tree to tree, hold the head up, pull back to
> strip leaves, or separate/swallow twigs, just wade
> through it like a teenager sucking up a giant plate of
> spagetti. Only practical way I see to obtain the truly
> incredible bulk the biggest probably needed. Any
> thoughts?

Not just the amount needed by the biggest, but a whole
herd. Not to mention SEVERAL herds around the globe. It sounds