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Re: Titanosaurs from Malawi

On Sun, 22 May 2005 15:42:09 +0200 Markus Moser <dml_moser@web.de>

> Every issue of Palaeont. Electr. has a "nomenclatural note" 
> included, explaining that the CD-version (by Coquina Press) - 
> purportedly identical to the www-version - is compliant with ICZN 
> 1999 Art. 8.6. and therefore validly published.

In the year A.D. 2200, will reader equipment still be backward compatible
with today's CD drives?  If not, then will today's science librarians
have enough money in their budget to pay for the transfer of all of the
old CD format publications into a newer archival format before their old
CD drives conk out?  And how long *does* the protective plastic coating
on a CD last, anyway?

If one looks at the obsolescence problems inherent in high-tech archival
media, then the idea of publishing science on acid-free paper no longer
seems that inconvenient. (although the trees may have a different
perspective on this subject).