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Everything that's new

There's a case of a CD getting moldy in a tropical climate. It was reported
in Nature Science Update. "Life will find a way"...

The PhyloCode insists on publication in ink on paper. :-P

The command line is not that of DOS. PAUP* comes with its own, inside the
Windows window (which has things like a "File" and a "Help" menu, but no
actual PAUP* functions). Ironically, a GUI exists for PAUP* -- but only for
the Mac version, not for the Windows version that costs twice as much (the
Linux version costs 3 times as much, even though PAUP* looks much like a
UNIX program).

In what I've seen on TV it was presented that way that komodo monitors do
follow individual prey -- for, in that case, _fifteen_ days. Free advice to
any average endotherm: Don't try this at home.

Would such sophisticated bacterial cultures develop between serrations if
the animal eats as often as an endotherm?

Good to read that the anthill material is purely Cretaceous. The infamous
Bug Creek anthills are a horror story -- that material was published as
Cretaceous based on the presence of K mammals and dinosaurs, but included
lots of Paleocene fossils. Took decades to be found out.

The "dinosaur ancestor question":

  `--+==*Turfanosuchus*, *Yonghesuchus* and I forgot what else
     `--Archosauria crown-group
         `--+--*Lagerpeton* (two hindlimbs)
            `--+--*Marasuchus*, *Lagosuchus*
               `--+--*Pseudolagosuchus*, _possibly_ *Lewisuchus*

Keep in mind that *Euparkeria* does not "grade towards bipedal" at all,
unless you bend its vertebral column into an upwards-open C shape -- which
was the standard reconstruction for decades. Sure, the forelimbs are a bit
shorter than the hindlimbs, but both are too short for bipedality. *E.*  was
certainly less bipedal than many extant lizards.

Oh, and BTW, the "Funny funny stuff" is satire and was marked as such right
under the headline. There's no reason to shed any tears for that killed

Now when will we find out how to configure Linux to allow routing again...
it did so before the power failure a week ago. In Windows you aren't allowed
to do anything on your own, but in Linux you are forced to do everything on
your own... :-(

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