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re: Bootstrap question; & a v? for Dan Varner

Funny that the guy who invented PAUP didn't give me such an up-to-date answer.
[scratching my noggin]

Anyway, I don't care if he said use a pick and shovel, it worked.

The problem I've been having is replicate hangup, where a single replicate 
takes several hours with 99 to go. Very discouraging. Is there any sin to 
divide and conquer? i.e. splitting up the big cladogram into smaller parts for 
analysis? That appeared to give the right answer. 

David Peters

PS. Dan Varner, you're sending out a Good Day virus, I think. Unless that was 
your real header. 

Phil Bigelow wrote:

Dear PAUP programers,

Now that is one mighty fine-looking command line!

Rumors are flying that there is an updated operating system available for
PCs.  It is called "Windows".  It uses a pointing device called a "mouse"
and something called a "graphical user interface".


p.s. Hey, how about those 1990 Yankees?