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RE: Mamenchisaurus Posture Paper

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> Roger Seymour
> I don't know of a paper specifically on Mamenchisaurus, and would like to know
> about it as well, but there is a paper on other long-necked sauropods.

Presumably forthcoming in one or the other (or both) of the following (from the 
DinoMorph site discussion of Camarasaurus):
Stevens, Kent A. and J. Michael Parrish. In press (expected Fall, 2005) 
Biological Implications of digital reconstructions of the
whole body of sauropod dinosaurs. Upcoming volume on the Proceedings of the SVP 
Symposium on Sauropod Evolution and Paleobiology.
Kristi Curry-Rogers, and Jeffrey Wilson, eds. Berkeley: University of 
California Press.

Stevens, Kent A. and J. Michael Parrish. In press (expected July, 2005) Neck 
posture, dentition and feeding strategies in Jurassic
sauropod dinosaurs. In Thunderlizards: the sauropodomorph dinosaurs. Virginia 
Tidwell and Kenneth Carpenter, eds. Bloomington:
Indiana University Press.

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