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Re: Tyrannosaur numbers

On 5/23/05, Phil Bigelow <bigelowp@juno.com> wrote:
> John Horner has an informed opinion on the number of _T. rexs_ that
> existed at any one time, and from my limited experience as an interested
> amateur, I think I'll agree with him.  _T. rex_ appears to be quite
> common in the Hell Creek Formation.

Despite my limited field experience, I can say with some confidence
that the same seems to be true in the Scollard of Alberta.  I spent a
couple of days prospecting the Scollard Fm outcrops at Dry Island
Provincial Park last year, and it seems many (if not, most) of the
scattered remains my team and I came across were attributable to
Tyrannosaurus (surangular, longbone diaphysis, metatarsal, etc.).  No
idea as to accurate species ratios, mind you, despite a microsite we
collected and analysed nearby.

Jordan Mallon

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