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_Mamenchisaurus hochuanensis_ Description

Lovers of absurd sauropods will be familiar with _Mamenchisaurus
hochuanensis_, described in by Young and Zhao in 1972:

        Young, C.-C. and X. Zhao.  1972.  Mamenchisaurus hochuanensis
        sp. nov.  Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology and
        Paleoanthropology Monograph Series I, No. 8:1-30.

And, specifically, with the enormously helpful English translation by
W. Downs, available at the Polyglot Paleontologist web-site at

This translations includes text-figures 1-12 and tables 1-9, but
unfortunately omits the plates.  According to the text and the table
captions, the relevant plates include
        I (geological situation)
        III (vertebral column)
        IV (cervical ribs, dorsal ribs),
        V (caudal vertebrae, haemal arches)
        VI (pubis, ilium, ischia)
        VII (femur, tibia, fibula, astragalus)
        VIII (ilium, ischia)
        IX (reconstruction of Hechuan specimen)
        XI (limb reconstruction)4
        XII (dorsal vertebrae) 
        XIII (dorsal central and spines)
        XIV (cervical vertebrae,h astragalus)
Since this is the whole sequence 1-14 except for II and X, I suspect
that in fact all the plates in that publication are relevant, and I
just missed the citations of those plates in the text.

I would be very, very pleased to acquire copies of these plates if I
possibly can.  In particular, as I will be flying out to Slovenia on
7th June in part to view the _Mamenchisaurus hochuanensis_ cast at the
Homogea Museum in Trcik(*), if I could possibly scare them up from
somewhere before then, I would be abjectly grateful indeed.

If anyone out there can help me with this, please contact me off-list,
on <mike@miketaylor.org.uk>.  In return, I promise everlasting fame
and riches.


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