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RE: T rex bites your bum

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> John Hunt
> There has been much speculation regarding the speed or otherwise of
> tyrannosaurs but I have not noticed much research into the locomotive
> abilities of the potential prey.  What were the relative proportions of
> femur, tibia and metatarsals of hadrosaurs (I have noticed that the long
> metatarsals of tyrannosaurs are often overlooked in arguments concerning
> limb proportions)?

[Sputtering out his morning coffee...] OVERLOOKED!?!?!?!?!?

Sorry, sorry, no reason I should take this personally... (arctometatarsus 
function, big morphometrics of theropod limb paper in JVP
back in the 1990s, papers on theropod predation in the 2000s making just this 
point, talks at DinoFest on just this point, chapter
in Dinosauria II, freaking KID'S BOOK on the subject, grumble, grumble, 
grumble, grumble, grumble...).

(Yeah, and Eric Snively and Greg Paul need some credit here, too...)

Okay, for the hadrosaurid limb proportions: tibiae scale to femora slightly 
under tyrannosaurids, metatarsals WAY under

Further paper on precisely this topic should be coming your way after the T. 
rex symposium this summer.

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