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PAUP help

Hello Everyone!!!!!

Yes, I know it's been a while since I have last
contacted the list, but this year's been a long year,
& I decided to put all other activities off until it
was over. (Part of it is because of my stupid Biology
teacher, "the Crum", & I swear she had no idea what
she was teaching).
But, I am happy to declare, that I finally received
the PAUP program for my birthday (which was 3 months
ago, I am sad to say). But, I have a little problem. I
have no idea how to transfer my PHYLIP infiles to
files that are usable by PAUP. If anybody is willing,
could they please help me do that? Any help will be
greatly appreciated. My newer s/n is stevensaurusrex
for those of you who want to help.

         Thanks in Advance,
               Steven Mahon

SCREEN NAMES -- stevensaurusrex
E-MAIL ADDRESS -- floridamahon@yahoo.com
PERSONAL E-MAIL ADDRESS -- coelurosaur912@yahoo.com

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